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  • Private Schools In Los Altos California ...

    August 19th, 2013

    Private schools in Los Altos California have many benefits for children from toddler age through their teen years. They learn academic subjects and practical skills, many of which overlap. Arithmetic, for instance, is considered an academic subject, but without math skills, a child cannot do many important tasks in life. Many youngsters struggle with math and science, but the individualized attention they receive in private school helps a great deal. Small class sizes are proven to help children learn better and achieve more in their educational pursuits.
    Parents who hope their children will one day grow up to have highly paid, professional careers in science or medicine may like to enroll them in Los Altos California private schools. There, the youngsters can thrive when being able to concentrate more fully on their own particular interests that could involve aspects of engineering, chemistry, and biology.
    Extracurricular activities at private schools also allow [...]

  • A Tankless Water Heater In Denver Is A G...

    July 30th, 2013

    A tankless water heater in Denver is a device that is used to produce hot water in homes. It is an alternative to the standard hot water tanks that most people have, and there are several key benefits offered from these. If you have a tankless water heater you will not have to take up a whole bunch of space in your house for a tank because this type does not have a tank. If you are trying to have an environmentally friendly house, this will also help. A tankless water heater in Denver is one of the most efficient ways to heat water because there is literally no waste.
    When a tankless water heater is used, hot water is not produced until a person turns on a faucet to hot water. At that point, hot water is instantly produced and is delivered to that faucet. If hot water sits [...]

  • Tutoring In Colleges In Newfoundland

    July 18th, 2013

    Receiving tutoring at colleges in Newfoundland is an important part of student success. Colleges in Newfoundland have each developed student success plans to help their students 1) persist from semester to semester and 2) to retain students until they graduate and earn a degree. Colleges have developed strategies to help meet the goals that they’ve outlined in their student success plans. Among those strategies are things such as individual/group tutoring, supplemental support for specific courses, self-tutoring packets and on-line resources, the addition of teacher’s aides, reduced class sizes, and formal study groups for exams. It isn’t unusual to find a center dedicated to tutoring on each college campus. You’ll find basic tutoring offered by peers, graduate students, or paid professionals in areas such as mathematics, reading, writing, foreign languages, or the sciences. Tutors must have a stellar academic record and have taken the course in which they provide tutoring. Students [...]

  • Benefits Of Infant Programs In Minneapol...

    July 5th, 2013

    Taking your baby to an infant program in Minneapolis has many benefits for both you and your baby. Babies start learning as soon as they are born and infancy is a time of amazing growth. Infant programs in Minneapolis provide numerous ways for your baby to learn and interact with other adults and other babies.
    Infant programs in Minneapolis are typically only for a few hours each day and some infants do not go every single day. These programs are specially designed to meet the educational needs of babies and to help them explore the world around them. Exposing your baby to new people and new places is a great way for babies to learn. Infant programs in Minneapolis provide new and exciting ways for your baby to learn and grow.
    Parents sometimes choose to stay with their infant during the infant programs in Minneapolis, but many times it is [...]

Spicy Spelling

letters on a fridge
As a teacher and mother, I have developed many tried and true strategies to help my students and children become better spellers. By being on the receiving end of spelling lists, I have experienced firsthand how boring and tedious it can be to help your child learn these new words. Luckily, I have developed some fun ways to spice up your child's weekly spelling homework.

Spelling Champs

a child writing with colored pencils
Contrary to what you may think, spelling bee champions are made, not born. While many spelling bee champions may have good memorization skills, the majority of them are where they are because of their study habits. This is why it is important to help your children develop healthy study habits. You can help your children in many different ways, and I have some great tips that are sure to help.

Vision and Spelling

teacher helping out children students
If your child is having a hard time spelling, it is important not to jump to conclusions. Bad spelling is not always a sign of laziness, but it could be a sign of a spelling disorder, which is a learning disability that actually affects many people. Along with learning disorders, vision is said to be a cause of spelling difficulties. A child who is a poor speller might actually have problems “seeing” a word.